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In almost every industry in the world, Barksdale products are at work measuring and controlling temperature, pressure, level and flow. Barksdale produces a comprehensive family of temperature switches, level switches, level site level indicators, shear-seal directional control vales, pressure transducers, mechanical pressure switches and solid-state pressure switches. These have wide applications in engineering, industry, chemical plants, rescue and transportation equipment.
Barksdale pressure transducers and pressure transmitters are built on diffused silicon sensor technology in combination with solid state electronic switching, providing an unbeatable combination of 0.25% accuracy FSO. Barksdale pressure transducers and pressure transmitters offer industry's best package for accuracy, compact size, shock and vibration resistance, EMI/RFI protection, long term stability, and affordable pricing.
Barksdale's 5 volt, 10 volt, millivolt transducers and 4-20 mA transmitters, are available for operating pressure ranges to 10,000 psig. To ensure that all Barksdale pressure transducers and pressure transmitters provide years of trouble free service, the conformally coated electronic components are enclosed in a welded stainless steel housings. They are also CE qualified and meet stringent EMI/RFI noise standards, conforming to international standards EN58001 and EN58002 and domestic IEC-801.
Barksdale Pressure Products
For fifty years, Barksdale's patented Shear-Seal design control valve has been the valve of choice for applications requiring tight shut-off, low pressure drop, high flow rates, and long life. The Shear-Seal principle allows unmatched design versatility. It's at the heart of our simple panel mount shut-off air valves and our custom engineered automated 10-port injection valves for gas turbines.
The Barksdale Shear-Seal design control valve passes dirt and debris though the sealing rings instead of across the sealing surface. This basic control valve design feature not only reduces wear, it actually creates a lapping action between the sealing surfaces that results in a valve that "wears in" instead of "out." In fact, continual use can actually "heal" small scratches in the control valve sealing surface.
Barksdale Valves Products
Barksdale's comprehensive line of industrial temperature switches are considered the workhorses of industry. They are known for their accuracy and reliability with a heritage that dates back to 1965 when Barksdale perfected the first effective method for ambient compensation of bulb and capillary type switches.
Barksdale's rugged temperature switches are available in a variety of housings including polycarbonate or aluminum with NEMA 4, 4X , and 7, 9 explosion proof ratings.
Barksdale Temperature Products
When your level switch needs call for simplicity, reliability and accuracy, Barksdale has a model to meet your requirements. Barksdale Inc. mechanical level switch designs are based on simplicity. Utilizing only floats, magnets and highly reliable reed switches. Using this proven technology in innovative ways has resulted in some unique concepts in level sensors & control, several of which are now protected by international patents.
Barksdale level sensors provide 1/4 inch repeatability and never need calibration. They are designed to function in any liquid, even with a specific gravity as low as 0.55. Barksdale Inc level switches are fabricated from a variety of materials including engineered plastics, hastelloy, titanium and stainless steel, Barksdale level switches are able to withstand pressures to 6,000 psi (400 Bar) and temperatures to 600°F (320°C).
Barksdale Level Products
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